As The Future

Wild Papers is an online publishing series edited by speculative writer and lecturer Ingo Niermann and commissioned by Institute Art Gender Nature, HGK Basel FHNW. Wild Papers constitutes a collection of scenarios that affect the future of art, technology, gender, nature and all the interrelations among these fields. The Wild Papers are purposefully short. The different authors who nourish the series are asked to script an idea, to outline a proposition or to imagine a world as if they were seated next to you, in a personal and eloquent way.

Why “wild”? The modern Western world has banned, projected, idolized, and appropriated the wild as the other. It has confused the wild with the provocative and the rude. Monocultures, monopolies, speculative bubbles, filter bubbles, OCD, addictions…when the Western world “runs wild,” it’s not because natural impulses grow rampant but because domestication enforces compulsive repetition. Wild Papers doesn’t aim to predict the future—it draws on the future’s inherent unpredictability to escape more of the same.